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Lillie News: Al Franken: Sen. Al Franken visits Tartan, praises STEM

“Are you rich now? Are you up to some kind of pyramid scheme?” U.S. Sen. Al Franken asked the two girls at Tartan High School’s student-run credit union branch. Seniors Hannah Lee and Barkot Berhanu took the former comedian’s quips in stride, staying on message with their explanation of how the credit union is part […]

Star Tribune: Consumer advocates, debt collectors lock horns over robocalls to cellphones

Consumer advocates and debt collectors are in a dogfight over a proposal before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to allow robocalls to cellphones. The proposal would allow businesses, including debt collectors, to make robocalls to cellphones if they “intended” to call the person in question. Read the full article >>

Mashable: Al Franken: Net neutrality vote will be a win for free speech

This is an exciting time for people who use the Internet (and those who don’t won’t read this). On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission, or FCC, is expected to vote to adopt new rules to protect net neutrality. By adopting these rules, the FCC will take a crucial step to ensure the Internet remains the […] Sen. Franken introduces Student Non-Discrimination Act

On Tuesday, Sen. Al Franken introduced the Student Non-Discrimination Act, a bill that would adress [sic] bullying and discrimination in public schools. “Kids need to feel safe in their schools in order to learn,” Sen. Franken said in a statement. “Right now, our civil rights laws explicitly protect children from bullying due to race, sex, […]

Star Tribune: Sen. Al Franken pushes television manufacturers to explain “smart TV” privacy policies

WASHINGTON — Democratic Sen. Al Franken on Wednesday pressed Samsung and LG to explain how the companies’ “smart televisions” voice recognition technology works in light of media reports that the television has the capacity to capture personal conversations. The Daily Beast reported earlier this week that Samsung smart televisions have a “listening mode” and can […]