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Tech Crunch: Senator Al Franken’s Concerns About Uber’s Privacy Policy Linger

U.S. Senator Al Franken today sent another letter to Uber’s Travis Kalanick, probing the embattled CEO to provide more information about the company’s privacy policies. Franken, a Minnesota Democrat, first contacted Kalanick about the car service’s policies in November. The inquiry came after BuzzFeed reported that an Uber executive suggested the company would intimidate journalists […]

Salon: Al Franken’s massive new target: Why he’s taking on shady credit rating agencies

Last week, some familiar-sounding news rocked the financial world. The Securities and Exchange Commission, along with state attorneys general in New York and Massachusetts, fined the Standard & Poor’s credit rating agency a total of $77 million for rating certain securities deals leniently, in a hidden effort to obtain new business. The SEC banned Standard […]

An Anniversary I Won’t Celebrate

I love anniversaries of many occasions. I love birthdays, which are perhaps the most fun kind of anniversary. And every year Franni and my wedding Anniversary is a really, really big deal. When you’ve been married for 39 years, it certainly oughta be. But the 5th Anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United […]

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