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Icon for The Ups and Downs of Marriage Equality

The Ups and Downs of Marriage Equality

Two years ago today, marriage equality had a major “up” in Minnesota. Governor Mark Dayton signed marriage equality into law. Now all couples — gay or straight — can make a lifetime commitment of love and devotion to each other. Here’s the “down” — in many states, same-sex marriage is still illegal. Marrying Franni was […]

Time: Senator Al Franken: Politicians Didn’t Stop the Comcast–Time Warner Deal. You Did.

The collapse of Comcast’s plan to buy Time Warner Cable is a big victory for anyone who watches TV or uses the Internet. But it won’t be the last time the interests of consumers clash with the desires of big corporations in the media and technology space. Here are five lessons from this fight I think we should keep in mind going forward.

Lillie News: Al Franken: Sen. Al Franken visits Tartan, praises STEM

“Are you rich now? Are you up to some kind of pyramid scheme?” U.S. Sen. Al Franken asked the two girls at Tartan High School’s student-run credit union branch.

Seniors Hannah Lee and Barkot Berhanu took the former comedian’s quips in stride, staying on message with their explanation of how the credit union is part of a schoolwide focus on financial literacy. Lee listed budgeting, building credit and how to apply for loans as part of the students’ lesson plan.

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